Quality Assurance In-house

  • Computerized, fully automated Test set-up for junction temperature measurement of each LED.
  • Inspection od assembly on production line ensures defect free product.
  • Tested for electrical parameters and adverse supply conditions.

LED & Optics

  • Use of International Branded High Power LED
  • Efficacy: > 170 Lm/Watt
  • CRI: > 75
  • CCT: 3000k to 6500k
  • Employing Asymmetrical Lens for higher road side lumens.

USP for Effective Thermal Management for Higher Efficiency

  • Uses 'Heat Pipes'- Called as 'Superconductor' of heat for faster heat transfer in Hi power LED Street Lights.
  • Heat pipes transfer heat, approximately 75 times faster than copper rods/pipes of the same size.
  • Heat pipes transfer heat generated by LEDs away quickly, to heat, cooled by natural air flow.
  • Maintains lower heat sink temperature and hence long life is ensured.
  • This technology is used for quickly heat transfer in:
    • Space crafts fir temperature equialization
    • Laptops coputers for processor cooling
    • Alaska pipeline support to keep permfrost frozen
    • Temperature Control in Satellites
Smart Streetlight Management


  • CVCG Electronic Control Gear.
  • Uses 'Constant Voltage Tuned Driver' with only passive components.
  • Galvanically isolated Led circuit from supply line.
  • Insulation resistance > 500 M Ω
  • Coupling Capacitance < 100 µF LEDs are well protected against supply charges.
  • Withstands 440V for 3600 sec.
  • Distribution Network Friendly
    • Power Factor > 0.95
    • Input current harmonics < 10%
    • More than 50% failure in LED street lights is due to the Electronic Components, the problem is eliminated with the use of drivers

Constructional Features

  • Extruded Aluminium Heat sink with Heat Pipe
  • Pressue Die Cast Aluminium body
  • Heat sink and body supported on piped structure
  • Ingress protection class - IP 66
  • Simple connection using pushto hold connecctors - No tools required