City roads or expressway, street lighting has never been so energy efficient, cost effective, bright and failure free.

eSmart, the LED street-light synonymous with unmatched quality and aesthetics, is designed and manufactured by technocrats having cumulative experience in excess of a century in lighting products. Having a wide product range to match the lighting requirement from inner roads to expressway and smaller compond to large stadium, eSmart offers and assured energy savings of 60% against conventioanl lamp and more than 80% under voltage regulated conditions.

When remote villages are electrified, the eSmart team feel proud of its contribution in making available the electric power by saving it elsewhere.

Smart Street Light Management

  • Retrofit for universal poles
  • Flexible angle of inclination Luminaire
  • Optimally designed heat-sink for effective thermal management.
  • CVT based LED driver ensuring constant light output at wide range of input voltage.
  • Electricity saving mode:
    Time, Sunset, Sunrise based scheduling and ON/OFF control. Twilight adjustment with respect to sunset & sunrise. Midnight dimming for further saving.
  • Pre-defined energy saving modes and customized ON/OFF
  • Local and remote override facility
  • Light sensor input based control (optional)
  • Fault detection alarms and event using SMS
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports generation, viz energy consumption, ON/OFF audit reports. System fault and error notification.
  • user activity report On/OFF schedule can be changed through the below user touch points:
    • SMS through registered mobile
    • Smart phone application
    • Cloud based application
  • Meeting International Standards
Smart Streetlight Management

Measurement & Verification (M & V)

  • Baseline field survey (Energy Bench Marking) to assess lighting requirement based on road category
  • Optimized suggestion on product solution
  • Installation, charging commissioning
  • Maintenance

ESCO Model

eSmart supports various organizations and local self Government bodies to reap the benefits of reduced electricity consumption and better street-lighting with BOOT model, where total financial investment is done by eSmart and benefits of energy saving are shared with patrons.