Technical Specifications of Wireless Device

It is based on lower power ratio frequency with capability to have one relay output, Fault detection, and Dimming feature.

Frequency of opeartion: Sub 1GHz (865-867 Hz)

Transmit power: 15 dBm

Range: 50+m (with one concrete obstacle)

Inbuilt mart mesh: mesh networking ability to support, Self forming, Self healing network with ability of hoping of data for larger coverage.

Relay (230V AC @ 2A): Existing lamp shall be interfaced over relay for ON/OFF control

Light Fault Detection

Dimming: (0-10V): It is supported for lighting fixtures/lamp, which have an inbuilt mechanism to Dim, bassed on (0-10V) (Equivalent to 0-240V Rated Volt) inputs. The solutions supports 4 dimming levels started from the 40% to 100%

Note: Panel with suitable rating is installed, as per site conditions.